Moving away from the convenience of Los Angeles was in some ways a tough decision, one only reconciled by it’s “close enough” proximity.  The treasures of recreational city life is at most, only 2 hours away.  But as we tally forth and set markers around our new stake, unimagined and surprising discoveries contiually greet us at freeway exits bearing strange and at times hard to believe names.  Yesterday we roamed westward through the vast suburban remains of this new found country and found ourselves intrigued by the markings of a new and burgeoning civilization.  With trepidation and the excitement of the unknown, we made our turn and made way into…
Rancho Cucamonga’.

I am not found of the many brick and mortar small cities erected for the sole purpose of shopping and dining.  This new phase of quaint cobblestone streets lining paths from JCrew to Banana Republic with a ‘Cheesecake Factory’ in-between, is an often beautiful yet always sickening way to extract the once mighty dollar from humans bored with the four walls around them.  But there is something to be said for the experience of a lazy afternoon stroll that combines the purchase of new stylish sunglasses, a superb quality meal topped off with divine cheesecake and the scene pictured above.
Sometimes, and I must stress “sometimes” manufactured beauty designated for the sole purpose of commerce, can or will lend itself to the simple joys of life.  Our right turn into the undiscovered country of Ranch Cucamonga lead us to a beautiful afternoon, at a outdoor mall.

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