About Me

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I’m that artist who always found it extremely difficult to talk about himself and the accomplishments life has graciously bestowed. Hopefully, when I leave this place for the next, a light will shine on the accomplishments I will leave behind. Although I will regale you with a few of those accomplishments, there are far, far more that I am thankful and proud of. Here are a few tales of my past, and a gallery you may find fun and interesting.

Bass Player (Studio Musician) with many albums under my belt.

Worked with The Dust Brothers & Mike Simpson on many tracks in the mid/late 90’s. Yes, that’s me on Bass in some of those Mike Simpson productions!

Music Director/Band Leader for the House Of Blues Foundation (Los Angeles). And yes, I played with Dan Aykroyd backing up the Blues Brother.  And yes, It was fun.

From my years at the House Of Blues, I’ve appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and local SoCal programs on behalf of the House Of Blues Foundation.

I had the honor of performing with legends such as Little Richard, Bernard Purdie (the funky drummer-James Brown), Taj Mahal and many more.

Musical Director and Band Leader for Comedy Central’s television show “Don’t forget Your Toothbrush”.

Bass Player of Supreme Beings Of Leisure.

If you look closely, in almost every season of Son’s Of Anarchy, you’ll catch my mug in a scene. Good friends on that show allow me to come hang for an episode a season, and it’s always fun!

With my business partner and brother from another mother, I co-wrote, co-directed and starred in our independent Feature Film “They Would Love You France”, which premiered at Hollywood’s famous “Egyptian Theatre”.  We then wrote and filmed a short film “Job 7:10″ co-starring Mark Polish (The Polish Brothers). Also, born from the charm, grace and wit of a group of beautiful older women, a documentary titled “Beauty Before Age”.

Honestly, I’ve been blessed with years of fun through creative outlets. Music i’ve written and had a hand in writing has appeared in many TV shows, movies commercials and video games.  Creatively, I have been spending the last few years honing my script writing and creative development skills. I’m searchable on IMDB. It needs to be updated but hey.

My passion for blogging and building sites prompted me to build and run Morninpaper.com – a newspaper site that leaned heavily on the tech side. I broke a lot of phone news back when Palm & Blackberry were king, pushing the site to become a big success in a short amount of time. With links from the New York Times, CNN, Huffington Post, Engadget and more, traffic quickly became overwhelming; forcing me to leave it’s humble beginnings at Typepad, for the grown-up adult world of WordPress. A few years later I had to shut it down due to far too many other commitments keeping me from daily updates and proper care. But the joy from building and designing websites nagged until finally thrusting me back onto the web. As a matter of pure coincidence, my lifestyle and amazing surroundings now allow me the time to provide unique internet homes for clients, thanks to the years of knowledge gained by building and running my own.

Take a look around, at some of the work I’ve had the privilege to be involved with!