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Luther Vandross Video – I Can Make It Better

Before he Left the planet, I had the chance to meet him.
Years ago, an amazing singer and I got together to record a few songs she had for a demo. We recorded a couple of fun tracks in my stuffy limited studio, but there was one tune that when she began to sing the melody, I loved it immediately, it spoke to my sometimes ‘odd’ melodic melancholy sensibility. Born was what I’ve always considered a great tune. Recently I discovered that she included it (re-recorded) as her title track for her sophomore album, and I couldn’t be more proud and extremely happy for her! If you happen to be an Enrique Iglesias fan, you may recognize her as his premier backup singer.
A video put together for long time friend, Tita Lima. The video is for the song “traz um alivio” off her album 11:11.