Little Jimmy Scott

On June 13th, 2014, my uncle, the legendary Little Jimmy Scott, left this place and joined the other greats that went before him. The man I grew up knowing as Uncle Vic (his real first name is Victor), was the only other person on both sides of my family that loved music and performing as much as myself. Later I discovered a long lost (to me) cousin, Kermit Walker, also had this in common. I will always envy (with love) Kermit for being able to share the same stage with my Uncle, backing him on drums. Jimmy (uncle Vic) told me to start playing straight ahead Jazz. I didn’t… I never shared the stage. I saw him a few months ago and my wife was able to meet and spend time with him. Most people who know real music, know my uncle. Just recently even Axel Rose named him as one of the worlds greatest. He was amazing, truly amazing and one of a kind. But what most don’t know is, just how amazing a person he was. How much fun he was to just talk to. I did. and I miss him already.

This first photo is from one of our all-nighters after a gig at the Catalina (most likely) Bar & Grill.