I’ve been wondering for the past few weeks, is anyone as done with the whole Facebook/Twitter thing as I am? It seems lately that just hearing the names ‘Facebook’ and ‘twitter’ makes my skin crawl and my blood pressure rise ever-so-slightly.  Maybe it steams from the fact then when I check my facebook account (which is once a week at most), it’s filled with…
Such&such is listening to _____ (fill in the blanks) on Spotfly right now.

If you really love someone, Like this post right now.
OMG, WTF!!?? Seriously? And what makes it so odd is, it’s mostly adults.  Twitter is no better.  Twitter simply seems to be a way to put someone down in short order.
The fact that toilet tissue companies have both facebook and twitter pages should be enough to say to the world ‘enough’.
My list of grievances with social media is far too long to go into, and it would only serve as another long drawn out bitch session on a blog, which is exactly why twitter was invented.  I guess I am just shocked that so many people so readily give up their privacy to online organisations for the privilege of broadcasting their every mundan moment, hoping to inspire a more fulfilled life.
Also, isn’t it more work than simply picking up the phone and giving your buddies a call? At the very least, you won’t need to explain what you really meant by some quick not-so-thought-out post you posted.
Oh and really, no one cares what song you are listening to right now.  Truly, they really don’t.
Here is one of the many reasons one can argue facebook has “jumped the shark”.

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