At one time, Aerosmith was the definition of Rock&Roll.  They were the epitome of the straight ahead, no bullshit in your face 70’s hard rockin’ melodic rock band. So good, so loved that the band was even at one point poised to knock Led Zeppelin off their British hard rockin’ pedestal.  But “Inside The Out Out Door” hit, and a “Night In The Ruts” couldn’t hang, and Aerosmith was sent off to Rock&Roll purgatory.

Suddenly, like a thief in the night, Run DMC opened the waiting room door and let the cats back in, and Aerosmith was once again, years after the release of “Toy’s In The Attic”, became a viable hard rockin’ band.  Except for the most part, they weren’t all that “hard” any longer.  Actually, they no longer “rocked” either.  In fact, they got downright over vocalized sappy, fast.  Luckily for those remembering the good ol days, the band decided to take a break, which gave Steven Tyler room to do the unthinkable, participate in a TV show that is a complete abomination to music, musicians, and true fans of music both alive and dead. Steven sat alongside one of the many poor excuses for a ‘musician/entertainer’ the business has produced in the last 20 years.  One of the many surviving off music video looks and an acronym for a name. Together they judge ‘singers’ along with a buffoon comic relief claiming to be a “musician”, all under the quise of ‘creating’ America’s next “Idol”.  Wow.
I could not express, not even with a Charles Dickens like flair for page quantity, just how much I despise this show, deplore what it stands for and weep for the generation spoon fed this introduction to the life altering world that is supposed to be “MUSIC”.
Bob Dylan would have never even been considered for a spot to be judged by two sell-outs, one moron and a nation of judgmental cellphone carrying teenagers.
However, there is a ray of light at the end of this long dark tunnel.  Both the video queen and the sold out rocker have announced their departures from this ‘creating talent’ experiment.  The days of this show may soon be over, and too the copycat abortions created behind it.  So, I guess I have something to thank Steven for, aside from a childhood filled with damn good music and real musicians playing it.  This long nation creativity killing nightmare is not long for this world.
Kids, find your parents album’s, steal their CD’s you’ve glanced at and deemed ‘old’, pick up an instrument, and let the healing begin.

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