One day, when I was a young kid, the man in my TV box told me that Natalie Wood had died. Somehow, someway I knew that this was a tragic event. Natalie Wood had graced the channels of the television set in our living room many times. And so too did her husband, Robert Wagner.

Robert Wagner was on a show called Hart to Hart, and was married on the show. How could he have a wife on TV and be married to Natalie Wood?  And, how could either of these women marry such a pompous stuffed shirt? Something was fishy about this guy, I didn’t get it.
Then, the man on the TV box said that Robert Wagner was with her on a boat the night she fell over and drowned. At was then, at that very moment that Wagner’s finely coiffed hairdo, early morning radio DJ voice and overly confident crime solving swagger, convinced me beyond a shadow of doubt that he, Jonathan Hart, A.K.A., Robert Wagner, had pushed her.
After all, how could a woman with such eyes, and such talent, possibly take pills get drunk and fall of the back of a boat? This is something my young mind could not rationalize.
Years passed, memories faded, more stars and starlets met untimely demises and suddenly Robert Wagner captured our hearts with his debonair assistance to Dr. Evil.  I am now a grown man and time, good sets and great scripts heal all wounds.
But time, it catches up. From the grave Natalie’s large dark eyes have opened, calling on the long arm of the law to look deeply and find the reflection of her true death scene.  Low and behold, she’s got bruises, a well known fear of the ocean, and a witness who is talking.  All those voices that spoke loudly against the tide of Wagner protection, are suddenly being heard. And a child’s youthful perceptiveness  may just prove correct.

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