The Killing Is Back! Long Live Netflix!


In this world of 700 TV channels, all vying to get your attention with sex, violence and unrealistic reality mind sludge, it’s oddly extremely difficult to sit down and enthusiastically watch a brand new offering. It’s even harder if you are me, and have very little patience for rehash formula driven garbage, filled with “good-looking” people I’m supposed to wish I could be with, or be like. There are very few offerings that rise to the level of true artistic episodic storytelling. Writing first, actor second, and actor fits the story, not a perceived notion of sex appeal. “The Killing” is one such offering.

The first season was absolutely amazing! The second season, okay, not so much. Only because the producers were forced to prolong the first season storyline, much like “Homeland”. However, the leads, Sarah and Holder, are so damn good, believable and fun to watch, getting passed the stretched to the limit storyline was doable. Then the third season. The form was back. The pacing, the isolation, the cold the… The ending. What the F*&K!? What was that? And that’s it, no more? 

AMC pulled the plug for all the wrong reasons at exactly the wrong time, leaving millions of fans isolated, cold and unfulfilled. That’s where Netflix comes in! Netflix swooped in and plucked the series from the water filled trunk it was buried in and gave it new life! Last night, my wife and sat down and watched the first episode of the final season of one of our favorite shows, and man was it worth it! The pace is back. The cold isolation and drive for completion has returned. Sarah and Holder have returned to the point-counter-point characters that makes the show flow. Netflix has given the reigns back to the shows creators and the shows creators have the ability to tell the story they wanted to tell. This means we viewers get to witness art.

Netflix is rapidly becoming the new HBO, and if Murdoch gets his way, the only HBO left. “Orange Is The New Black” doesn’t work for me, however “House Of Cards” that show along with “Game Of Thrones”, may be the best small screen offerings of all time. They are like watching hours upon hours of the greatest movies you’ve ever seen. Oh, and BattleStar Galactica, but that’s a story for another day.

Typically, my wife and I have to control our binge watching so we can savor the taste longer. Last night, after the first episode, we were full and very satisfied. Desert would have been too much, making for an uncomfortable nighty-night. Only because we would awaken ashamed because we didn’t leave it for the next day, when it’s goodness would be wholly recognized. So for the next five days, we will consume it proportionally like reasonable adults wanting to stay entertainment fit, should.

Thank you Netflix. Thanks for bringing one of our favorite meals to your menu!


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