Finished ‘The Killing’ Finale – Wow!


Yup, we were able to stick to the plan and only watch one episode a night. For the past six nights, my wife and I have been treated to what we knew was truly an amazing show, that was being strangled by AMC before it was abruptly ended at the end of season 3.

Netflix swooped in and allowed the creators and writers to do the show they wanted to do, and they did not disappoint. We enjoyed this final season of The Killing from the opening scene to the very last. And the last scene… Yeah! Typically (spoiler alert) I don’t go in for the happy ending thing, but this worked, in a very big way. Sarah and Holder got exactly what they deserved, and we as the viewing audience did as well. After spending three years with these two, we deserved to see them get to the place they arrived at before the final credits rolled. Yes, I’m being a bit cryptic because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who has not watched it yet. Please, watch it.

Suffice-it-to-say, The Killing just moved itself into my top ten TV shows list.


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