If it’s raining, snowing or you are just bored where ever you happen to be, Apple may have just provided you the opportunity to bring a little fun into your day. The much promised and ballyhooed next evolution of iTunes has finally arrived!

After saying it would be available in October 2012, Apple pushed it’s newest version of the famed everything in one pot media controller back, presumably to work out a few kinks. But as of today, the new and improved iTunes 11 is now ready for your enjoyment, if you get joy out of these sort of things.

One of the key new features said to be rolling out in 11, is the ability to redeem your iTunes gift cards by holding them up to your camera on your computer. Yeah, that’s cool.

The new version rolls out for Apple and PC users alike. Of course, for Apple users, you’ll need a Mac with a Intel chip inside.

I never get to play with my Power PC’s anymore.

Download it now from the AppStore.



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