Once again some lunatic in an American city has taken his second amendment rights and destroyed countless American lives within minutes. This we time we return to Colorado, stage of the infamous Columbine shootings, and enter a new entry.

While the uber violent (and probably very good) new Dark Night film played, a gunman walked into the theater with bombs, 4 assault riffles, a bullet proof vest and promptly killed 12 movie goers and injured 59 others, some are still critical at the time of this posting.
Already, there are Congressman across the country blaming the lac of God, the Tea Party and Hollywood, while commenters on large news sites are making jokes, calling for more death and making it political.  All the while, the NRA is getting poised to launch another full on assault on anyone who dares to bring up even the conversation of a ban on assault weapons.
Isn’t this why Bruce Wayne put the suit on?

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