I’ve taken some time off from my little personal blog here, and in that time I’ve been driven crazy by the presidential election. Absolutely CRAZY.
Let’s be real about this:

Mitt Romney won the Governorship of Massachusetts by running against a woman in a state that prior to Elisabeth Warren this year, never voted for female candidates. After electing him, 3 years into it, they wanted him out. He new not to run again because he was so upside down in his numbers, that he would lose and a presidential bid would be done. So he didn’t try to run again.
Instead, he ran for president in 2000 and was resoundly beaten in the primary and dropped out with his head between his legs. He then put on his running shoes and tried again in 2008, and was again beaten down badly. He then tossed his hat into the ring for McCain’s Vice President. MacCain said NO THANKS.
Then 2012 comes along and the Mitt’ster tries again. This time he is running against complete clowns. However, if Gov. Rick Perry did not have a complete meltdown, Romney would not have won a single primary, but he did, and after all the other clowns showed themselves to be so throughly buffoonish that it would be complete suicide to go ahead and nominate one of them, the Republican primary voter went ahead and nominated the man they have never, ever, at anytime before, liked or believed in.
And they are all shocked that he lost. I’m not. Actually, I’m shocked he got more than one million votes, but it shows the extent that hatred will go to.
Mitt Romney lost the state he was born and lived in and his father Governed, a man largely liked by his constituency. Mitt Romney also lost the state he lives in and Governed, he lost them both by wide margins. That should easily tell anyone looking, just how much a person is liked.
But they are shocked that he lost. I’m not.
The excuses are now flying, along with the attempts to minimize the strength and  significance of President Obama’s victory, a victory that includes a nearly 3 million popular vote win. These voices will continue to lose them elections however. These voices are ignoring the fact that this country is growing up, it is becoming smarter, wiser and more inclusive. The FauxNews lovers, Rush lovers, people living in the bubble, these people will be left behind unless the smarter forward thinking members in their party work to show them the way. This is not about color, religion or any of the other nonsense. This is about facts, intelligence and evolving. This country wants to evolve, and that’s why the first Black President is STILL the President.
Good job America!

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