Sometimes the most important thing an American president can do is connect.  This morning I awoke to discover President Obama’s statement on the passing of Andy Griffith.

Michelle and I were saddened to hear about the passing of Andy Griffith this morning. A performer of extraordinary talent, Andy was beloved by generations of fans and revered by entertainers who followed in his footsteps. He brought us characters from Sheriff Andy Taylor to Ben Matlock, and in the process, warmed the hearts of Americans everywhere. Our thoughts and prayers are with Andy’s family.
Yes, Andy was a very vocal proponent of the Presidents Health Care Law recently upheld by the Supreme Court, but Obama is also just another American.  President Obama grew up in the same America as I did. Watching the same reruns of the Andy Griffith show, daily.  Sheriff Taylor, Barney Fife and the entire Mayberry crew stood the test of time, showing us a way of life seemingly only possible in black & white TVLand.
By releasing a statement from the Oval Office on the passing of a 86 year-old actor, Known mostly only by a certain portion of American population, this President has made a connection, “hope”-fully, bringing us that much closer to a real life ‘black & white’ TVLand.

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