The Brady Bunch The Movie

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March 24, 2015
The Brady Bunch Movie

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It was very sad to hear of the passing of Davy Jones. The Monkee’s are sadly a very underrated and mostly forgotten group. Sure they were four faces put together by TV executives, but they rose to the occasion and wrote a few great tunes.
Whatever the case, David Darling (The Boxing Ghandis), myself, Roger Manning and Eric Dover (Jellyfish) and longtime friend and amazing drummer Marc Danzeisen (Def Leppard, Riverdogs, Gilby Clarke and of course the drummer for the Don’t Forget You Toothbrush” band) all got together for two fun filled days on the set of The Brady Bunch Movie. Little did we know we would take part in one of the last filmed performances of Davy Jones singing “Girl”.


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